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Chris King

Pampered Sisters Artisan Bath Products



After many years of interacting with family, friends and customers, Chris began to notice a pattern. Women in general, especially caregivers, have a hard time relaxing and often feel guilty about pampering themselves. Chris recognized the need to simply share with others that we all need to pamper ourselves at times, to recharge in order to carry on. As a result, Chris recently published her first book, Disconnect to Reconnect: Relaxing and Recharging. During this presentation Chris will share concepts from her book, including real-life reflections and experiences.

A book signing celebration party for Chris will follow her presentation.



Join us for this great team building activity, where retreat attendees will be working together in groups to make transparent soap!  Be sure to bring a small plastic ice or candy tray for your sample to bring home. Note: this soap will be made using Ever Clear 190 proof alcohol.


Pampered Sisters Handcrafted Artisan Bath Products was created by Chris King out of her love to give family and friends wholesome, handcrafted, natural “good for your body and soul” gifts she made. The gifts were soon requested by family and friends.  Chris’s mother, Joan, came up with the name, Pampered Sisters, because she feels that all women are sisters who need pampering from time to time.

Chris makes the handcrafted soaps (CP/HP/OP), lotions, body butters, soy candles and more; all from scratch. She is constantly working her craft, researching, studying, and creating new recipes using beneficial butters, oils and additives.  Each product is made with love from her hands to your home. It doesn’t get any better than that!


Nature’s Circle


In this presentation, Deb will cover … what is morgina, why grow morgina and how to grow morgina. We will discuss the uses of morgina for people, pets and livestock. The benefits of morgina products will be presented along with various recipes on how to use morgina products. Sources for morgina and morgina products will also be shared.


Deb is a graduate of West Virgina University where she received a B.S. degree in Agricultural Business. Deb has held many corporate positions across the U.S. and has worked with many chariable organizations. 

In 2000, while still working in corporate, Deb started to farm with her husband, George, in Aurora, Texas. The farm has been a creative journey. They have been growing luffa for 17 years. Because of luffa, Deb is now a beekeeper, dairy goat herdsman, soap artisan, researcher, product developer, artist and consultant. 


Wild Garden Naturals



The Moringa Tree is also known as The Miracle Tree.  Pat will be sharing the numerous skin benefits of Moringa Oil and Moringa Leaf Powder.  She has researched Moringa and found many interesting ways it can benefit us. She has been experimenting with making skin products with Moringa.  She will be bringing a few products that she has made.  There will also be handouts containing some of the recipes Pat has formulated and tried.


Pat has been making soap for 20 years. She loves infusing herbs and incorporating her knowledge of herbs into her soap and other products. She delights in researching new subjects and sharing her knowledge with others. Pat is a founding member of the Lone Star Soapers Networking Group and is also a member of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild. She has spoken at previous Lone Star events. She has also written for The Soap Collaborative, a publication of Lovin’ Soap.


The Country Soaper

Lone Star Soapers Networking Group




Shampoo bars could be considered the catch 22 of soapmaking. Some people like them, some don’t. But Elin’s perspective is … try them! You just might like them! She has been a fan of cold process shampoo bars for years and it is all she has used on her hair for the past five years. She will share recipes and also conduct an optional hands-on shampoo bar during her class.


Elin is a fourth-generation Texas soapmaker of Swedish descent who has been making soap for 20 years. She launched her soap business, The Country Soaper, in 2003. She served on the board of the Texas Soapmakers Association from 2004-2006 and in 2009. In 2010, Elin co-founded Lone Star Soap & Toiletries, along with Starlene Moore; and became sole owner of the business in 2014. Lone Star was rebranded as Lone Star Soapers Networking Group in July, 2019. Elin has served as the event planner for all of Lone Star’s ten year existence. There is almost nothing Elin enjoys more than introducing others to soapmaking by teaching basic soap classes. She also enjoys participating in living history events and has authored two books,  Creative Soap Making and Bubbles to Bucks … How to Make Money Selling Soap

The Lone Star Winter Retreat is hosted by the Lone Star Soapers Networking Group.

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